I'm Heather 

A CPA with 20+ years of experience in accounting, tax, and CFO services. I have founded my own accounting practice and I love working closely with my clients to help them achieve growth and success within their businesses.

During my free time, I love to travel and enjoy the sunshine with my husband and children.


I'm Larissa 

A CPA and a catalyst in inspiring women to build a strong relationship with financial literacy. During my 15+ years in the industry I have founded my own accounting practice and have gained experience in consulting with small business owners. I believe finances should be easy and stress free. I’m determined to help you build a solid financial foundation so you’re able to set in motion a positive ripple effect. 

In my free time, you can find me with my head in a book, on a bike ride or exploring nature with my husband and two kids. 


We are experts with a heart of a mentor


Why We Do It

  • Because fear shouldn't dictate your future.
  • Because finances shouldn't be causing you stress.
  • Because your comfort zone is killing your dreams.
  • Because you shouldn't be embarrassed.
  • Because your happiness depends on it.